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Acne is a skin condition that affects any skin type. The use of the wrong cosmetic products, stress, and allergic reactions to specific food are other notable causes of acne. However, the skin condition is often attributed to the presence of bacteria in the skin mostly when hair follicles rupture and pustule with oil.

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Given such information, it is apparent that treating acne is a process that requires more than just a general skincare approach. Severe cases of acne are often an indication of a high presence of bacteria, and these need a slightly more tender treatment approach. For the typical acne issues, you can use the following natural skin care tips to get rid of the acne fast.

  • Try and minimize the presence of oil and bacteria on the skin. It helps since it is both a preventive and curative measure. As you do this, let your first line of defense focus on boosting your immunity. You will be arming your body with what it needs to fend off infections. You need a good supply of foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as Sulphur and zinc to help boost your body’s capacity to fight acne and other skin related conditions. Make sure you minimize your intake of calories.


  • Keeping your skin clean will help lower the risk of developing acne while treating the same condition along with other skin problems. Nevertheless, you should clean the skin in a manner that does not exasperate the situation. Use oil-free skin care products that contain salicylic acids to help boost your acne skin care efforts. Salicylic acid is mild on the skin but has potent antibacterial properties that fight the bacteria. Exfoliating will also benefit by riding the skin of dead skin that may harbor bacteria and oils excreted by the body.


  • When it comes to natural treatment and skin care efforts, you need to consider using options such as orange and lemon juice. For instance, applying lemon juice directly on your skin can work wonders for the acne condition. First, wash and clean the skin before applying the liquid, give it around six hours before rinsing it using warm water. As for the orange, the juice will help, but it is the peels that offer the punch you are looking for. Rub the peels on the affected area.


  • Egg whites can also be useful. You can have them as part of your acne skin care routine. Apply the egg white on the affected area and let it stay for around six hours before rinsing off with warm water. You can opt to blend the egg white with a teaspoon of honey.