According to a recent study, 10% patients at dental appointments are no shows. Most dentists charge a $20-$25 as a cancellation fee. But does this amount compare to 10% in lost revenue? Do you believe that your cancellation fee is adequate?

However, you need to take a look at your cancellation policy. It should be fair to you as well as your patients. Your patients should be aware of your cancellation policy ahead of time when they call to cancel the appointment. All your staff members should also be aware of the cancellation policy, and they should be able to inform this kindly and articulately to the customer.

How much do you charge for missed appointments? Does it compare to your lost revenue from cancellations? How many of your canceled appointments are you able to make up for with last minute emergency patients?

These are the things that you should ask yourself when you formulate your cancellation policy. It is entirely alright for a dental business to ask for a cancellation fee or a missed appointment fee. However, the policy should be acceptable to the doctor as well as the patient. So take some time and effort to review your policy from the view point of your financial health and the outlook for the patients.

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