One part of running a successful dentistry clinic is proper dental practice management. Management, in this case, includes customer service, marketing, billing and any other service that is required to run a successful dental practice. Most dental clinics face the problem of managing the business because they are usually focused on taking care of the patient.


The first thing to remember is that dental office is just like any other office and you need to have some systems in place before you open the practice to patients.

Dental Practice

There must be systems for appointment setting, account payable, billing, accounts receivable and patient record keeping. With the help of these systems, your dental practice will run smoothly.

Good Business

The second thing you need is good office managers who will not only help put your systems in place but also ensure that your office runs smoothly.

Follow Good Business Practices

Another important aspect is customer service, because whether it is the receptionist or the dental hygienist they have to be customer centric and appropriately treat the customer. You and your staff have to have great bedside manners and along with great customer service to make sure that your clienteles come back to you rather than stay away. One way to improve your customer service is to conduct some research online on this subject and read many articles and blogs as you can.

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Even if there is an office manager in place, the owner of the business has to understand the basics of office management. You will have to learn how to interview and hire people and also to compute payroll as well.

Getting referrals for your dental business can be the easiest and most effective way to bring in new patients. A high percentage of people choose their doctor and dentist based on the recommendation of friends and relatives; referrals can mean a lot to your dental business.

Some dentists think that it is a sign of weakness if you ask for referrals, but nothing is further from the truth. If you do it casually and in context, your patients may not even realize that you are asking for referrals. Let us look at some ways to get referrals. Please check out our resources page for companies we partner with.