Periodically advertise to your patients that you are offering incentive programs for referrals. Most dentists have a spot in their forms which ask the patient how they got information about this dental practice, and if the person has come through a referral, then you can offer incentives to the patients who have referred them.

Ask Patients To Hand Out Brochures

If you have a patient who is a teacher, you can ask him or her to put the brochure on the greeting table at an open house or PTA meetings. There is no shame in asking patients to hand out brochures.

Mention Dental Referrals In A Natural Manner

One popular way of asking for referrals is to remind patients to drum up some references is by mentioning this in organic conversation. For instance, you ought to say something like, ‘So many people go without cleaning for years. If you know anyone like this, then you can tell them about us, or you could give them an incentive for the new customers like, ‘I am offering free clean ups to new patients’ if you wish.