Essential Content Creation Tips

One of the hardest parts of building up a popular website is writing content for it. Often, people start a site with the best of intentions, but then end up with writer’s block, unable to focus and figure out what to say.

One of the best ways to combat writers block is to keep a list of article ideas that you know will be popular, and when you’re stuck for ideas, refer to that list. If you’re feeling extra-motivated one day, write a few articles from that list but don’t post them just yet – keep them saved as drafts, then on a day when you’re in a hurry, or just not feeling it, post one of those ‘reserved’ articles.

Taking the pressure off the content creation process by writing only when you’re feeling motivatedand not forcing yourself to churn out words to a schedule, will help you to keep a steady stream of good content.

Try to keep a balance between how-tos, news, and opinion pieces. If you’re writing for a personal blog, don’t be scared to do the odd diary piece, because your readers will enjoy getting an insight into your life.

Try to stick to a steady, sustainable posting schedule. If you can only write once per week on Konker, that’s fine, as long as you write something on the same day every week. Aim for pieces that are at least 250-300 words long, but if you do come up with something longer that’s fine too.

Things like lists or video posts can be good if you’re looking for something easy to share, and that will attract clicks, but it’s the longer and more insightful posts that will get readers coming back to your blog time and time again, so put extra effort into those when you have inspiration for them.

CONTRIBUTOR: I Need Articles Review – Best Content Writing Service 2018