If you have an overbite, a gap between your teeth or crooked teeth, you obviously qualify for an orthodontic treatment. This will correct your bite and give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Many people have lived with the notion that braces are only meant for children, but the truth is that orthodontics can benefit just about any age group. To know whether or not orthodontic treatment is the right choice for you, it is important first to understand the problems this treatment can solve as well as the benefits associated with this treatment. My friend who does Orthodontics in Denver has always been able to help me with any issues I had.

Problem Resolution

There are many problems that orthodontics is designed to treat some of which include an overbite or under bite, impacted teeth, gaps between the teeth of crooked teeth. If you have a crooked bite or your smile does not line up correctly, gently moving your teeth through an orthodontic treatment can get your teeth back in line, giving you a smooth and straight smile as well as an aligned bite. This entire process may take between 18 months and three years to complete, but the number varies from one person to the other.

Some of the methods used to realign crooked teeth include traditional braces as well as other types of movement braces. The rubber bands and full-on head gear that was utilized in the past can still be used in extreme cases. However, with the latest orthodontic technology, you can move your teeth without pain. Some of the benefits of realigning your teeth include having a straight smile that improves your self-confidence and gives you a better facial profile.

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Other benefits normally associated with orthodontic treatments include:

  • the possibility of improving your bite
  • minimizing the risk of tooth loss or potential injury in the case of misaligned teeth and
  • making your teeth easier to clean.

Teeth that are crooked or crowded together, make brushing and flossing tough whereas straight and evenly spaced teeth are easy to monitor for hygiene purposes. Having aligned teeth makes it easier for you to speak and reduces the pressure on your jaws.


Although orthodontic treatments can be performed at any age group, younger individuals make for better patients especially when the first permanent teeth have come in. The reason behind this is that younger patients normally have teeth and bones that are soft and easy to move hence less dental work is required. All the same, there have been tremendous advances in orthodontic technology, and it is not possible to treat patients of any age group.